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About Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a unique exercise routine, which combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing. Anyone can laugh without relying on humour, jokes or comedy. Laughter is initially simulated as a physical exercise while maintaining eye contact with others in the group and promoting childlike playfulness. In most cases this soon leads to real and contagious laughter. Science has proved that the body cannot differentiate between simulated and real laughter. Laughter Yoga is the only technique that allows adults to achieve sustained hearty laughter without involving cognitive thought.

Laughter Yoga sessions start with gentle warm-up techniques which include stretching, chanting, clapping and body movement. These help break down inhibitions and develop feelings of childlike playfulness. Breathing exercises are used to prepare the lungs for laughter, followed by a series of ‘laughter exercises’ that combine the method of acting and visualization techniques with playfulness. These exercises, when combined with strong social dynamics of group behaviour, lead to prolong and hearty unconditional laughter. It has been proven scientifically that twenty minutes of laughter is sufficient to have physiological benefits. This experience leads to release of emotional tensions and joyfulness, which can last for days.




Raises heart rate.
Boosts the immune system.
Reduces stress-related hormones.
Exercises and relaxes muscles.


Enhances mental functioning.
Induces positive emotional states.
Elevates pain threshold and tolerance.


Feel more connected to one another.
Allows us to express our true feelings.
Positively effect our relationships and well-being.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

— Charlie Chaplin —

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Occupational stress is a rapidly growing global phenomenon. Pressure at work with its damaging side effects is being felt in almost every country, within every level of the workforce. Job dissatisfaction and hostile work environments compel people to frequently change jobs, thus affecting productivity and profitability

Laughter Yoga has the potential for decreasing stress, increasing concentration, thus improving staff performance in the workplace. Recent studies, both in India and the USA, showed substantial stress reduction and increased staff productivity following three weeks of Laughter Yoga sessions. Several companies in India routinely practice Laughter Yoga prior to starting their business day.

Long-term benefits of regular laughter sessions within the workplace found increased energy levels, decreased cortisol (stress hormone) levels, improved commitment and motivation; increased performance and efficiency, improved innovation, better problem-solving abilities, stronger team spirit, reduced absenteeism and improved overall health, leading to lower medical costs and absenteeism among employees


Most seniors are in need of more human contact along with frequently looking for a new way to exercise.  Exercise, which is low impact and has minimal chance of injury.

In the last few years, Laughter Yoga has become increasingly more popular among this age group.  Many seniors have been experimenting with various kinds of yoga, as a way to stay in shape, but this new form of exercise is a little different and they enjoy it.

Laughter Yoga is a mix of deep breathing, laughter exercises and stretching.  Simple, structured and entertaining exercising, that is easy and safe and provide a genuine form of physical exercise, along with social interaction. All of which are beneficial for senior citizens who are trying to have fun while trying to stay fit and flexible.

As participation in all sessions is optional and regardless of their cognitive, sensory, motor abilities or limitations, it can be a wonderful form of exercise for individuals who have Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  Even though some may have trouble understanding humor or direction, working as a group and just laughing, is still beneficial from the movements.

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There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.

— Charles Dickens —

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  • We could not stop laughing. Thank you once again for coming to speak to us. I had several positive feedbacks, that they really enjoyed the evening. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and God Bless!

    — Villa Columbo —
  • Thank you again so much for coming in last night to do Laughter Yoga. I hope we can schedule something again before too long!

    — Everybody —
  • I hope you’re well. I had lunch with my colleagues last week and they were telling me all about how great the session you had done at Casa Abruzzo was! I told them next time you’re there, I will have to come see. Congratulations on an unbelievable success!.

    — Casa Abruzzo —


Here you will find pictures of various events and many taken from my own personal laughter yoga journeys around the globe!


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